If you like watching the world's biggest rock stars fight in the press and on social media, then 2015 was your year. Members of Kiss, Van Halen and Pink Floyd, among many others, traded nasty barbs with each other over politics, girlfriends and musical ability.

In the video above, you can see what happened when Roger Waters took Bon Jovi to task for playing in Isreal, how David Crosby's scathing take-down of Neil Young's new girlfriend might have put a permanent end to one of rock's most famous bands and what happens when Keith Richards says "screw it" and decides to share exactly what he thinks about pretty much every other legendary band out there.

And that's just the start. In the silver and gold medal rounds, you'll watch two grown men in face-paint – Dee Snider of Twisted Sister and Paul Stanley of Kiss – call each other names, and learn the five magic words Sammy Hagar uttered to elevate his ongoing feud with his former bandmates in Van Halen to a whole new NSFW level.

It's all part of our ongoing year-end coverage, where we'll look at the best, worst, weirdest and funniest classic rock stories of 2015. We'd also like to remind you to be sure to vote in the 2015 Ultimate Classic Rock Awards, where you get to pick the best album, song, tour and artist of the past year.

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