The fastest growing jobs according to have been announced with some surprising results. If you live in Nebraska the fastest-growing job is Parking Lot Attendant, in Massachusetts, Fashion Designer, and in Nevada, Psychiatric Technician. The winner was Transit and Railroad Police in New York which grew by 1179%.
Michigan's fastest growing job is Ophthalmic Medical Technician which is, according to, an allied health professional who assists ophthalmologists by collecting data and administering treatment ordered by the ophthalmologist. These specialists are qualified to take medical histories; administer diagnostic tests; make anatomical and functional ocular measurements; test ocular functions, including visual acuity, visual fields, and sensorimotor functions; administer topical ophthalmic medications; and instruct the patient in home care and the use of contact lenses. Ophthalmic medical technologists perform all duties performed by technicians but are expected to do so at a higher level of expertise.
In March 2018, the unemployment rate was a low 4.1 % with about 6.6 million Americans unemployed. This is good news for job seekers as it’s the lowest U.S. unemployment has been since 2000. Different types of jobs are available in different parts of the country and it can be immensely valuable for workers today to get ahead of tomorrow’s employment trends. In order to take a look at this issue looked at employment trends to find the fastest-growing job in every state and looked at the 5-year percent change in people employed in every occupation that the Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks from 2013 – 2017.

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