Another $25 Visa Gift Card up for grabs today courtesy of Chex Party Mix!  The holidays are just around the corner so this year, scratch “baking” off of your to-do list and replace it with Chex Party Mix recipes.  Have you seen what you can make with Chex Party Mix in 15 minutes or less?  How about The Original Chex Party Mix Recipe?  With ingredients like Chex cereal, pretzels, nuts, bagel chips, plus garlic and onion powder, you’ll have a delicious treat right out of the microwave in just 15 minutes.  Hit Chex Party Mix Change Dot Com for the full recipe and over 70 more that’ll WOW your guests!  You’ll also find party planning tips, packaging ideas and how-to videos.  I've got these gift cards all week so make sure you're here around 4:15pm for those lyrics!

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