These reviews of strip clubs in Michigan are definitely good for a chuckle.

The world today can be a tough place and its battles are fought on a digital battlefield. The internet and social media can be the home of wars fought in the comment section. However, there is a safe refuge out there in internet land and that refuge is the reviews section.

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Most people in the world use the review section to know whether or not they will actually buy something or visit somewhere. However, the review section is also a magical place filled with trolls and other people that will make you feel better about yourself. Today, we are taking a dive into the google reviews of strip clubs across Michigan.

Having worked for a rock radio station for almost 20 years, I have been to pretty much every strip club in my area for a live broadcast at some point. For the most part, nothing really surprises me anymore, but I did notice something interesting while checking out the reviews. I didn't know how many people actually went to strip clubs for the food. Maybe that is just that the clubs near me don't have or push their food or maybe it is my rule of thumb that I don't eat anything from a strip club. Either way, it seems like the food selection can really make or break a review section.

Check out these 28 funny reviews of Michigan strip clubs below for a good laugh.

28 Funny Michigan Strip Club Reviews to Make You Laugh

The review sections on Google can often provide great entertainment depending on the topic. Check out these 28 funny reviews of strip clubs in Michigan.

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