For as long as we've known and loved '30 Rock,' much of that love has come from its vast array of guest stars, everyone from Jerry Seinfeld to Elaine Stritch. That parade of celebs has been celebrated in the show's final 13-episode season, with a number of original and returning guests, but who will appear in the show's January 31 series finale? At least one star has come forth, but who will 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit' tough guy Ice-T be playing in '30 Rock's' final episode?

For the moment the word is pretty well mum on '30 Rock's' January 31 series finale, but we know at least one famous guest star will make an appearance. Longtime 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit' and 'Ice Loves Coco' reality star Ice-T announced today via Twitter he'd make an appearance in the finale, posting a photo of his dresser door.

It isn't known who Ice-T (real name: Tracy Marrow) will be playing, but given '30 Rock's' history of meta guest stars and NBC personnel, the most likely choice is himself. Ice-T even previously appeared when the show highlighted an 'SVU' episode that repeatedly tested Jack Donaghy's voice-controlled TV remote.

What say you? Does Ice-T's appearance have you primed for the '30 Rock' finale? Who else might drop by Liz Lemon's final days? Give us your picks for the January 31 finale in the comments!

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