Everyone has heard of, if not personally experienced, the dreaded hangover from drinking too much alcohol. But is it possible to get a hangover from marijuana? Let's dive in and get some answers.

According to Leafly, weed hangovers are more common than one might think. But, due to the limited studies, and extremely small 'research sample sizes' (As little as 10 people in some cases) there is still a lot to learn.

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What Is a Weed Hangover

Much like other hangovers, a weed hangover is commonly caused by overconsumption causing things like brain fog or headaches. But, like alcohol, what may be too much for one person could be just the right amount for the next person. This is why, with edibles especially, the phrase "start low and go slow" is important to remember. Because you will realize quite quickly that once you consume an edible (or more) and the affects become a bit more than you bargained for ... you can't un-eat it.

Are There Remedies to Cure a Weed Hangover

Surprisingly enough, the remedies for a weed hangover are quite similar to that of an alcohol hangover.  Medical News Today promotes hydration and more sleep the day after weed consumption. They also suggest pain relievers for headaches, as well as staying away from caffeine as it can worsen the dehydration.

How To Prevent a Weed Hangover

Again, much like an alcohol hangover, it's not rocket science. Doing all the things you would expect to help, will. For instance, stay hydrated (PS Keep in mind, alcohol is not a form of hydration), exercise to keep your lungs clear and stir the blood flow, take high dose vitamin-C and vitamin-B complex supplements before and after consumption to help offset the negatives weed can cause, and last but not least ... eat before, during, and after.

However, on that note, All Bud offered one piece of advice that some may not think about. Smoking affects your respiratory system whereas edibles metabolize through the liver and kidneys. So, when using the advice of eating before, during, and after consumption it is important to remember you need more in your stomach than non-nutritious munchies. You can still eat munchies but, focus on good/nutritious foods before grabbing that heaping handful of chips.

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