Low cost COVID-19 tests will reportedly be arriving to the states this month. According to CNN, the test called the BinaxNOW Covid-19 Ag Card, uses a nasal swab and requires no instrument to read it.

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The Trump administration purchased 150 million of these tests for the United States. The tests will be distributed to senior assisted living centers and home health personnel. The majority of the tests will also be sent to individual state governors to help with the opening of schools, child care facilities and first responders.

It appears that you and I both could be given one of the tests, IF a doctor or nurse thinks we may have Covid-19 within the first seven days of showing symptoms. So the bottom line is, as of now - nobody will be walking into a drug store buying a $5 COVID-19 test. Not yet anyways, I am sure that day will come.

As we head into month seven of the pandemic, I still hate the term 'new normal'. None of this seems normal to me, nor will it ever. There are still a lot of businesses that cannot yet reopen, which means people are still out of work. That may include you. If so, how are you doing? I see a lot of people on social media who are more concerned with keeping a roof over their heads, than of contracting coronavirus. It is a crazy time to say the least.

I do believe things will get better, it's just a matter of when. More importantly, I certainly do hope you will NOT need a COVID-19 test. Stay safe, stay healthy.

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