I am not digging up every single stat, but at one point last night the top 6 searches on Google involved food or liquor. I feel like that is my daily Google search, but yesterday clearly I was not alone.

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Sure there were other things inquired about, like questions. As in 'how much does the president make?' 'How old is Joe Biden?' and 'Who decides the next president if there is no absolute majority?'. Other than those types of questions, people were googling food. One food in particular was big on the list - fries. How random is that?

I did vote yesterday, and for the most part did not watch updates on the election on TV. I would just look at news on my phone. I was tired from a long weekend, and I knew we would not know anything last night. I almost forgot, I did Google 'who will win the election' - FYI I did not get an answer as to one clear cut winner. Can you believe there were stories declaring each candidate a winner? I ask that very sarcastically. Obviously you know as well as I do, you can find anything on the internet to fit your beliefs.

So to take your mind off of the upcoming election results, I give you the top 6 Google trending searches, at one point in time last night. Trust me, you will be hungry and most likely need a drink again tonight too.

6 Top Election Night Google Searches

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