Big hair, ripped jeans and mullets ruled the '80s. How many of these, like, trends do you totally remember? Gag me with a spoon on One Hit Wonder Wednesday.

Every decade has its fads that come from nowhere (and we're often happy to see them go). In the '80s, it was shoulder pads, leg warmers, the Walkman, home video games. hair metal, the Rubik's Cube and Swatch watch. Some of these trends even became hit records. Tonight on the Night Shift, listen for these one hit wonders that were over as fast as the trend they immortalized in song.

Pac-Man Fever | Buckner & Garcia

This song gobbled up chart positions like power pellets, rising to the top 10 in 1982. The follow-up, "Do the Donkey Kong"  meant game over for the duo of Buckner & Garcia.

Valley Girl | Frank Zappa

Valspeak was, like, totally everywhere in the '80s. You couldn't go to a mall without hearing Valley Girl wannabe's dressed like Madonna complaining about being gagged with a spoon. Frank Zappa's 14-year-old daughter Moon Unit appeared on this record. The closest Frank ever came to another hit song was "Don't Eat the Yellow Snow."  Fer shur.

Da Butt | EU

Glenn Close just brought this one back at the Academy Awards. Will this help E.U. get another hit song?

Double Dutch Bus | Frankie Smith

Yo yo tricks and the jump rope craze were back in the '80s. You could double dutch to almost any song, but this one was the best. Smith disappeared, in part, because his record label was a money laundering front for a cocaine dealing dentist.

Remember these fads of the '80s and the songs that celebrated them this week on One Hit Wonder Wednesday on the Night Shift with Craig Alan.

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