With cities like Christmas, Bad Axe, Hell, and Paradise, there are no surprises when it comes to unusual and unique names in the state of Michigan.

As a recent transplant, it is extremely hard and extremely funny to hear me pronounce these names. Luckily, I have a friend from Michigan, Laura, and Joe to help out.

Luckily, the state of Michigan has a pronunciation guide for all its cities with an audio option.

However, with my Michigander education, there are some names that just do not make sense to me. Here are only five of the names that are just wrong in my opinion.

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1.) Mackinac

Port Huron to Mackinac Sail Race
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This is the one that started it all for me. When my friend told me what this city's name was, I was instantly telling him that he was wrong. I would pronounce this city's name as "MACK-A-NACK." I was promptly told that I was extremely wrong. The actual pronunciation is "MACK - A -NAW."  (Listen here)


2.) Pompeii

Growing up, I learned about the ancient city of Pompeii. Remember the city that was covered in ash because of the Mount Vesuvius eruption. Well, that city is pronounced as "POM-PAY." So, I figured this Michigan city would be pronounced the same. Sadly, nothing is that simple. According to the state's website, Pompeii is pronounced: "pom-pē-ī." (Listen here.)

3.) Charlotte

This one sets fire to my soul. I went to college in North Carolina. Charlotte, nicknamed "Queen City," is a major city in North Carolina. For North Carolinians, the name for their city is pronounced: "SHAR - LIT." However, for Michiganders, Charlotte is pronounced as "shär-LOT." This will never make sense to me. (Listen here)

4.) Milan

General Views Of Teatro Alla Scala In Milan
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When I visited Italy, this was one of the cities that I was super excited to visit. Milan, Italy is the economic heart of the country. It is truly an amazing experience. For that city, I pronounce Milan as "MA-LAWN." However, I was quickly told that is not how you say the city's name in Michigan. Milan is pronounced: "MY-LEN." (Listen here)

5.) Gaylord

In Maryland, there is an upscale hotel and convention center called the Gaylord. For that reason, I am very familiar with this word. However, in Michigan, it is pronounced slightly different. In Maryland, the hotel is called the "GAY-LORD" as it is spelled. However, Michiganders pronounce it as "GAY-LURD." (Listen here)

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