The Beatles‘ Apple Records logo is nearly as iconic as the band it represents. When this rare 1968 promotional belt appeared on eBay, it sold just shy of $1,500. That’s a pretty penny to pay for an old leather belt, but try telling that to a Beatles collector.

Licensed by Apple Records Corp in London, England, the seller stresses that this is not a post-‘70s after-market version; this one is for real. The silver-colored heavy metal apple buckle is 2.75” x 2.75” and features a brushed metal finish. The leather belt’s backing is torn and some pieces of leather are missing due to wear but the outside of the belt was noted to be in “excellent” condition.

This belt was distributed to Apple insiders only in late-1968 and this one allegedly belonged to the wife of an attorney who worked for the Beatles. The husband is said to have given her many Apple Records promos over the years but this one was a favored piece as she proudly admitted to wearing it frequently over the years. A Certificate of Authenticity accompanied the sale.

Founded in 1968, Apple is “a company that we’re setting up which involves records, films and electronics which makes records and films work” says John Lennon before he cracks a smile. Apple, determined to operate differently than the standard record company, formed a family of sorts, signing their friends Badfinger, James Taylor and Ronnie Spector to name a few.

This logo symbolizes more than Beatles. It’s a statement about all the Apple bands, the music and a long lost era – so in the name of high classic rock fashion, this original 1968 promo belt might be worth the money if one were to wear it on multiple special occasions.



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