Stick around long enough and someone will put you in a museum. That old saying is true even when you’ve made it your life’s mission to never slow down. On Saturday (April 28), the Experience Music Project Museum in Seattle will host the American premiere of ‘AC/DC: Australia’s Family Jewels,’ an exhibit about the legendary band. The exhibit will run through September 29.

The exhibit, which features more that 400 pieces of memorabilia related to AC/DC, opened at the Arts Centre Melbourne in 2009. Since then, it has toured Australia and also been to Glasgow, Scotland, where Angus and Malcolm Young were born.

Among the artifacts on display are Angus’ blue-velvet schoolboy uniform, his “Super Ang” costume (complete with red-and-gold satin cape) and a black leather jacket worn by original lead singer Bon Scott. The band’s music plays throughout the exhibit, both in videos of famous concerts and on headphones.

Adding to the opening of ‘AC/DC: Australia’s Family Jewels’ will be a discussion with author Anthony Bozza and the EMP’s director of curatorial affairs, Jasen Emmons. And, because it’s much more fun to listen to AC/DC’s music rather than talk about it, the festivites will feature an all-female AC/DC tribute band called, naturally, “Hell’s Belles.”