AC/DC fans reacted in anger after Australia Post apparently tripped up in an attempt to mark the band’s achievements with a set of collectible stamps.

Noise11 reports that the service had used the North American version of High Voltage, which was made up of material from the band’s first two domestic titles, High Voltage and TNT. The U.S. version of Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap was also used, along with an EP that was never released in Australia.

“Australia Post, it is a remarkable fuck up to pick the wrong one, well two, well three covers and trade them out as Aussie stamps,” Noise11 stated. “Australia Post’s money grab of an Australia music heritage is bad, very bad. But who authorized this at the AC/DC end? It sounds like corporate greed at both ends.”

Still, Noise11 noted the "good news for stamp collectors is once Australia Post notices how badly it fucked up here, it might withdrawn the faux-stamps. That will only increase the value to stamp collectors. Maybe Australia Post has just given a few AC/DC fans the collateral to buy a house.”

Australia Post's description of the stamps hasn't been updated since the controversy. "It’s time for some rock ‘n' roll, as we release an AC/DC stamp pack, in honor of the band’s 45th anniversary," it reads. "AC/DC are Australian rock royalty and our most successful musical export. … This electrifying AC/DC stamp pack features 20 Map of Australia stamps from the Love the Celebrate stamp issue, together with cover images of the band’s most successful albums in the stamp tabs.”



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