Looks like your carry on bag may not be the only thing getting weighed prior to flying. You may have to weigh in as well. Think of it like a clown at Cedar Point guessing your weight, wasn't that always fun?

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All kidding aside, this may actually happen. I could care less if I had to weigh in prior to boarding. I am terrified of flying, knowing the plane is not over its weight capacity is one less thing I have to stress about. It's not like airline personnel will be shouting out your weight on a microphone, or will they? No, the answer is no.

As a matter of fact, I am guessing this is not going to even happen. If it does, according to  Newsweek, if a person (maybe even you) does not want to be weighed, the airline is supposed to pick another traveler at random. That makes zero sense to me. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of weighing passengers? If airlines are going to weigh people, then weigh people.

Trust me, there are more important things to worry about right now than potentially being weighed at a gate prior to flying. If you do want to worry about flying - worry about crashing or the door of the plane blowing off mid flight. Or how about the fact that you are enclosed in a capsule thousands of feet up in the air? Speaking of air, it's getting thinner, harder to breathe. Claustrophobia is starting to set in. Now you know what it is like to fly with me.

Like I said, having to be weighed is not even close to being the worst part of flying.

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