Many of you (myself included) enjoy a diet coke and whiskey drink. Perhaps you enjoy a regular coke with a splash (or three) of rum? Coca-Cola is finally taking the hint and creating an alcoholic coke, or also referred to as alcopop.

Before you get too excited - there is a 'but'. There is always a but! This buzzed up version of your favorite soft drink is only available in Japan. That is a big 'but'! Coca-Cola Japan is trying to compete with a popular drink called Chu-Hi, a canned drink in which the main ingredient is vodka. Sounds interesting. Unless you are traveling to Japan - I would not get your hopes up on trying a Coca-Cola alcopop. Honestly, they are only about 3 percent alcohol. You can make your own much stronger right here in America. Cheers my friends. Anyone else ready for a Jim Beam and Diet Coke now?

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