There are few rockers that have as colorful of a history as Alice Cooper, so it is with great anticipation that the 'Super Duper Alice Cooper' documentary will arrive this year. Fans can start preparing for the film as it's just been announced that the movie will officially premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival this year.

The 13th Annual Tribeca Film Festival takes place April 16-27 at various New York locations and an official screening date will be announced shortly.

'Super Duper Alice Cooper' is described as "a twisted tale of a teenage Dr. Jeckyll whose rock 'n' roll Mr. Hyde almost kills him." Cooper, born Vincent Furnier, was a preacher's son who shocked many with his stage show dating back to the '60s. Cooper evolved as a rocker through the decadent '70s, eventually making a comeback in the '80s as a glam metal godfather and continuing to adapt and rock through the '90s and 21st century as one of the most continually creative and pioneering rockers.

The film traces his entire life and career, serving as a "doc opera" of documentary archival footage, animation and a bit of "rock opera" theatrics. In addition to Cooper's own recollections, his story is told with the help of such artists as Elton John, Iggy Pop, John Lydon and Dee Snider.

For more information on 'Super Duper Alice Cooper' and to keep abreast of future screenings, stay tuned to the film's website. You can see a trailer for the film in the player below.

Watch the 'Super Duper Alice Cooper' Trailer