If you’re holiday shopping for your loved ones this month, you really should consider the Samsung Curved 105-inch 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV? (That’s it in the picture above.) It’s 105 freaking inches! That’s almost 9 feet; which means this television is larger than Andre the Giant. (At 353.8 pounds, it weighs nearly as much as Andre did too.) It also comes with built-in wi-fi, 3 HDMI ports, voice controls, and, fittingly, one gigantic price tag: $119,999.99 on Amazon. And it’s temporarily out-of-stock too! I guess when you have something priced to move like that, it’s tough to keep it on the shelves.

Anyway, this extravagant television—which costs about as much as an Aston Martin—has garnered the attention of some very funny Amazon shoppers, who’ve taken to leaving this product hilarious reviews, praising its ease of use and its relative affordability. Via Reddit (and a hat tip to my former co-worker Genevieve Koski), here are a few of our favorites.

From mmedina:

Amazon TV review 1

From ys:

Amazon TV review 2
Amazon TV Review 3

From Doug:

Amazon TV Reviews 4

From taihard:

Amazon TV review 5

And there are many, many more to laugh about, so head over to Amazon and read them all. And hey, while you’re there, maybe pick yourself up a television! This one even comes with shipping (if you’re an Amazon Prime member).

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