Alright, now I am going to have to get this BB-8 droid from the recent Star Wars movie "The Force Awakens". You may remember when around the holidays, this little droid became the top of pretty much every one's list. Matter of fact, I had a long discussion with myself in Target to put it down and back away from the BB-8 around that time because it wasn't something I needed. I needed bread and milk, not a BB-8. Adult decisions were made, and I put the droid down. Well, now I am regretting my decision.

News has come out, just in front of the impending release of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" on Blu-Ray and other digital mediums in the next couple of weeks, that this droid will be able to 'watch' and react to the film. According to, this little bot will cower in fear when faced with Kylo Ren (the bad guy) and make cute chirping sounds around Han Solo and Chewie. I'll save you the technical details, but basically you download an app update on your phone, dock the droid in front of the film, and BB-8 will react accordingly.

This is pretty sweet and it makes me wonder if this technology will expand to other films. Just think, you could buy some sort of 'couch buddy' and watch films together. And the 'couch buddy' would never complain when you yell at the film or eat all the popcorn.