Remember the glorious, misspent days of our youth? Warm, sultry nights. Cruising the back roads with the windows down and the rock music blaring. Beer for the guys, Boone's Farm for the girls. We called it 'road drinking.' Would you call this 'buggy drinking'?  Yep, it's about the Amish.

Police officers in Sherman, New York received a tip that some Amish kids were buggy drinking on a back road. When they went to check the situation out, one of the buggies did a very quick lane change, and hit the cop car. That buggy flipped. Several other buggies "fled the scene". The Amish kids in the flipped buggy received minor injuries, and they were charged with illegal possession of alcohol.

Kids will be kids, I guess.

Do you have a road drinking story that you would like to share?

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