We have all seen 'Help Wanted' signs, or 'No shirt, No shoes, No service'. Have you ever seen a sign that read 'Do Not Warm Urine' on a microwave?

A Florida gas station owner put that exact sign on her store microwave. Why would someone heat up urine? Reports indicate for drug testing. Parul Partel, the owner of the station said people walk in off the street and heat up pee. Warming pee from someone that has NOT done drugs apparently helps someone that has used drugs - pass a drug test. I have never heard of such a thing. Have you? Incidentally the store is near two testing labs.

Needless to say the store owner was not happy with piss inside of the microwave. I'll say! So what gave her the idea to post the sign? A woman who was attempting to heat up urine was stopped by Partel. The woman responded with the fact that there is no sign that says she cannot heat urine. Are you kidding me? So you guessed it - the owner made one. People are seriously nuts.

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