Say what you will about marketers – most of ‘em stink – but when it comes to understanding the cubicle monkey, they hit the nail on the head.

Nowadays, most office employees are chained to their desks, becoming workaholics who can’t afford to go on lengthy vacations or even out to lunch. We’ve seen eateries like Burger King and McDonald’s encourage lunchtime exodus, now Applebee’s is getting in the game with blow up dolls.

Okay, so not exactly the stress reliever you were hoping for, but given America’s tendency to shy away from overtly sexual implications, this is about as risque as it gets. Seeing as America is chock full of sexually repressed fiends, we’ll take anything we can get. So, while Applebee’s offers these “lunch decoys” for your escape, we have a feeling buyers will be “eating out” in an entirely different manner.

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