Heads up to all drivers before we get our next dose of winter weather...you need to know this about County snow plow trucks.

I've seen my local Road Commission snow plow drivers run red lights and stop signs, but when I'm driving to work at 2:30 or 3:00 am, there's not much traffic, and I make sure that I'm out of their way.

Last Tuesday, however, a young Bay City driver was hit by a county snow plow truck as it blew through an intersection. The driver of the snow plow truck will most likely not be given a ticket of any type, and that has a lot of people outraged. that's because they aren't aware of this Michigan law, just like I wasn't until yesterday.

State law gives County Road Commission snow plow trucks the same rights as emergency vehicles on Michigan roadways. Our states traffic codes gives plow trucks the right of way at stop signs and red lights, when it is safe to do so. Clearing snow is considered a public safety issue and a top priority. Firetrucks, ambulances and police cars need to get to where they are needed.

Officials do admit that some accidents happen, probably because drivers aren't aware of the snow plow's emergency vehicle status.

More details in the video below.

Here's a little trivia while you're here. How much does MDOT spend per lane mile on winter road maintenance? Last winter MDOT spent $3,100 to plow and salt each lane mile of Michigan roads.

Do you think the state of Michigan will get off that cheap for cleaning up this record-breaking winter?

Are you okay, too, with County snow plows having the same driving privileges as emergency vehicles?

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