I can see going on a date for free drinks, but for free food - really? I am just kidding.

According to a recent study done by Social Psychological and Personality Science, 23% to 33% of women polled admitted to going on a date just to get a free meal. Get this, there is also a term for this, it's a "Foodie Call."

I have never understood why anyone would say yes to go on a date with someone they are not attracted to or interested in. I mean come on, why waste your time and theirs? I would rather eat or drink alone than spend time with someone I know I will never see again.

Although the report I read only mentions women doing this, I am quite sure men go out with women with ulterior motives too. Everyone is out for something, whether it's an old fashioned "Booty Call" or a brand new "Foodie Call." If you get both - consider yourself lucky. Wah Wah.

Full disclosure,  I am totally down to go out with anyone and drink tequila. No food, no strings. The only thing I require is a ride to the bar. Cheers!

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