If your hunger calls for a 7-pound burrito or a breakfast that includes 27 sausage links, then this might be the place for you.

Grab some pants with a little give in the waist and perhaps bring a friend to tackle these ginormous dishes at the one and only Arlene's Truck Stop in Battle Creek, Michigan. A truck stop diner might not be on your list of must-try restaurants but this one should be.

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Arlene's Truck Stop is indeed among a dying breed of restaurants that once peppered the exits of interstates across the U.S. Once a Mom and Pop establishment, the current owners keep the legacy of Arlene going using 80% of the recipes she herself developed to this day. Inside you will find a portrait of Arlene still on the wall of the diner located at 4647 West Columbia Avenue.

Arlene's Truck Stop is known for its homestyle cooking, generous portion sizes, and a secret menu. Generous may be more of an understatement.

Owner Jeremy Kanaga says this epic wet burrito was born out of boredom during the pandemic. The question was 'What would happen if we doubled our burrito?' Off to the kitchen staff went and what was produced was a monster of a burrito. The staff weighed the 'monster' burrito on a vintage scale located on the premises and the beast weighed in at 7 pounds. That's not including chips on the side. You won't find this beast on the menu either. You have to be in the know to request this secret item.

Giant wet burritos not your thing? How about Arlene's giant Godfather Burger?

These giant sandwiches began as a secret menu item and due to their popularity, were added to the regular menu in the spring. The Godfather is made up of 24 ounces of beef, with layers of cheese between each patty, topped many ways, but always with a signature steak knife driven through. Still hungry? Did I mention it comes with a generous side of fries?

If breakfast is more your pace then perhaps 'The Violater' is for you.

This huge breakfast has a bit of everything. Eggs, french toast, biscuits and gravy, and 27 sausage links?!? Even as I type this out I can't help but question why. But the answer is as obvious as the day is long. If you build it, they will come. The owner says this item has been on the menu for some time now. Inspired by the offerings of a now- defunct restaurant once located in Honor, Michigan. Jeremy says his family would stop and get the original Violater breakfast every chance they could and knew he wanted on Arlene's menu when he bought the restaurant.

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