Mick Jagger‘s sexual exploits have been the topic of conversation lately, as a new book called ‘Mick: the Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger’ details his many affairs with famous women, and men. The book’s author, journalist Christopher Andersen, tells Washington D.C. radio station Big 100.3 that the Rolling Stones singer made romance a competition.

“His favorite game was stealing other rock star’s wives, or girlfriends,” he tells deejay Tommy Griffiths. “Eric Clapton is a good example. Eric was in love with (French First Lady) Carla Brunni. He begged Mick not to steal her away from him and Mick went ahead and did it anyway.”

Clapton tells his side of the story in an excerpt of the book that was released earlier this month. Jagger also reportedly stole Jerry Hall from Roxy Music’s Bryan Ferry and Carly Simon from James Taylor. The author also talks about his relationship with Angelina Jolie.

“He actually said, ‘I have never really been in love with anybody,’” Andersen says. “He just said that a few months ago.” This can’t be good news for his ex-wife, or current girlfriend Loren Scott.

Andersen also told Griffiths and Big 100.3 listeners about Jagger’s business acumen, and revealed how he developed his trademark stage moves. “The moves you see now … he was imitating Marilyn Monroe with the kind of swivel hip thing and the pouty lips and the flamboyant gestures,” he says. Jagger was a big fan of Monroe’s.

Too bad he never got the chance to steal her from Joe DiMaggio, or President Kennedy.

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