Five-year-old Evan loves ‘Cars’ so much that he literally wore out the wheels on his Lightning McQueen Power Wheel toy car. So, his dad Sean, an employee at the aftermarket tuning company FFTEC Motorsports, rebuilt the ride from the ground up, even adding a zippy 500 watt electric motor that’s capable of outputting .66 horsepower.

Dangerous? Probably. Totally pimped out? You bet.

Sean also added metal rims and rubber tires with off-road treads, an aluminum half chassis, dual sealed gel batteries with an output of 24 volts, disc brakes, throttle modulated variable speed control and a battery cutoff switch. We won’t pretend to know what that all means, but it sounds awesome, right? Either way, he’s clearly the coolest dad in the world.

In the end, Sean quadrupled the output of the toy car and created something that probably makes the other kids on the block drool. In fact, we want this for our own kids, but they’d probably have to fight us for it.

Still, no matter cool this tricked-out ride is, it still can’t erase the memory of ‘Cars 2.’ We’re just saying.

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