I don't know if this particular bar is installing a traffic light, but they may want to.

A bar in Maryland found a solution to keeping patrons six feet apart - bumper tables. Not only are the customers social distancing, they also have something to hold them up in case they get too buzzed. Man I could have used one of these all my life. It's like a walker for a baby, but for a drunk adult. Genius!

I am not handy at all, but I may try making my own rolling social distance table. Looks like all I need is an inner tube and something with wheels. None of us really know what the future of bars and restaurants look like, maybe this is it? We will be our own tables. Again, genius!

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I would totally use one of these up and down my neighborhood. Make a drink, and roll down the road, saying hello to my neighbors. Trust me, they have seen me do stranger things. Do not even think I won't pimp my ride out either. I am talking about all the bells and whistles. A microphone and a built in cooler are a must.

All kidding aside, I can't wait until we can visit a bar and drink together smart and safe. Wait a minute,  I don't think smart and safe go with drinking. Nonetheless, stay safe, be smart, and hopefully we can all have a shot together soon.

In the meantime, look for me rolling through a town near you. Cheers!

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