Roger Waters is a longtime and vocal opponent of the Israeli government's treatment of the Palestinian people. He's called for a cultural boycott and even put a Star of David on an inflatable pig during a recent concert in Belgium, earning the wrath of everyone from Jewish rabbis to his fellow musicians.

And while the legendary former Pink Floyd frontman has vigorously defended himself against accusations of antisemitism, it looks like he's made yet another enemy (albeit a much more attractive one than the others): Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli.

Seems that during Waters' 'The Wall' tour, he's been showing a background video that contains an image of the Israeli model. She's known about this for quite a while -- supposedly, she went to a concert of his back in 2011 and later tweeted, "Crazy thing ... Went to the Roger Waters show in Paris, and saw a pic of myself on the wall!!! #respect!!! I'm honored."

But that was then and this is now. And it seems she's recently become aware of Waters' political leanings, because earlier this week, she posted the following tweet:

If your Hebrew is rusty, here's the general translation: "Roger Waters, you better take my picture off of the video art at your shows. If you’re boycotting -- go all the way."

While she's gotten praise from the pro-Israel community for her missive, one blog did scold her for writing it in Hebrew, saying it was "hardly an effective message for the English-speaking Waters." But we're guessing he heard her loud and clear.

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