Being the mayor of any city would be pretty cool, but to be the mayor of Hell, Michigan would be freaking cool as hell (get it?).

I've never been to Hell, Michigan but have always wanted to make the trip around Halloween. Sounds like this might be the year to go. It's not a far drive, only about an hour away from Flint.

John Colone who is the self-proclaimed mayor of Hell, Michigan is listing the city on Airbnb and allowing people to serve as temporary mayor.

John Colone:

I am the biggest Halloween fan in the world (and the underworld), so I hope that our little slice of paradise can fill fellow Halloween lovers with all of the frightful chills and spooky sensations of the season. And to our guests and soon-to-be Mayors, I trust you’ll find that there is no place more welcoming than Hell on Earth—we can’t wait to show you a helluva good time!

According to the Detroit Free Press, starting Oct. 14 at noon, Michigan residents can sign up to be the mayor of Hell through an Airbnb reservation. This opportunity is only available on Oct. 18, 21 and 24. Each reservation is for a one-night stay and will cost $31 plus taxes and other service fees.

Guests will stay at the "mayor's lair," which will include a skeleton key to the city. They can also go hiking throughout Hell and grab a beer at Hell Saloon or the Hell Hole Bar.

Tell me this does not sound like an absolute blast? I'm sure it will be booked and sold out in no time at all.

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