Beer Fest in a Bag happens this Saturday, April 24th at the Metamora Golf and Country Club.

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I had no idea what this event was, I just saw the word 'beer' and was instantly interested. Turns out, Beer Fest in a Bag is a drive-thru event that also features wine, hard cider, and barbecue. It just keeps getting better and better.

According to the Lapeer Area View, your $50 dollar ticket includes a boxed barbecue dinner for two prepared by Chef Dale Poppe (Executive Chef at Metamora Country Club), and a reusable bag packed with a selection of craft beer, wine, hard cider, and two souvenir cups. How awesome is that?

All you need to do is buy your ticket, and hit the drive thru to pick your food and booze. Talk about convenience, and even better - this event will raise funds for Lions Bear Lake Camp in Lapeer. If you are not familiar with the camp, their mission is  to develop leadership skills, build confidence, and to provide a premier outdoor educational and recreational experiences year-round to all persons, regardless of ability. That definitely sounds like a worthy cause to me.

Don't be afraid to make the drive if you do not live in Lapeer County. If you have never been to Metamora it is awesome town, and from the Flint area it will only take you roughly 30 minutes to get there (not bad at all).

You can purchase online tickets here, and they will be held for you at will call - super easy. Enjoy!

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