Making one really good movie is hard enough. Making three really good movies is next to impossible.

Today at ScreenCrush, we’re honoring those trilogies that managed to pull it off. Our list includes some of the biggest movies ever made, and more than a few tiny arthouse hits. (Strangely, a love of trilogies is one thing blockbusters and indies have in common.) The only rule we held contenders to we couldn't pick three random movies from an ongoing series and call them a trilogy. They had to be consecutive releases. However, they didn’t have to be the first, second, and third movies in that series — although in almost all cases, they were.

When you look at the history of great trilogies, a few patterns emerge, but we’ll get to those when the come up during the list. And who knows, if this article does well, maybe we’ll make two more just like it...

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