Oh snap - is that a Sasquatch?

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Footage of what appears to be Bigfoot and a baby Bigfoot or a deer and Bigfoot are burning up the internet. According to the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization the footage was taken by a person kayaking on Cass River in Michigan.

I am not much for conspiracy theories, so I don't know if it is real or not - I am guessing not. But that being said, why would someone really go to the trouble of dressing up like Bigfoot in the first place? There are people, maybe even you, that do believe and take this kind of stuff seriously. I love a practical joke, but even I won't mess around with Bigfoot. I am more of a hide Chris Monroe's cigarettes at work kind of prankster. You might think Chris is easy going, wait until you hide his smokes in the microwave.

So riddle me this, do you think the person and or Sasquatch is holding a baby Bigfoot or a deer? Put that question in the things I thought I would never be asking file. As you will see and hear in the video above, it's a toss up. Honestly, I can't tell what he/she is holding- but there is clearly something in his or her arms.

Either way, it is definitely something to think about. What do you think - real or fake?

I have a feeling Cass River is about to have a lot more visitors. If you do see Bigfoot, be sure to let me know.

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