Now you can "come and join Bill Wyman in the greatest hobby on Planet Earth" -- and all for the low, low price of somewhere around $185 (plus shipping and handling).

It's all thanks to the Bill Wyman Signature Metal Detector, now available through C.Scope. If you believe what you read, the former Rolling Stones bass player's metal detector is "far and away the best machine for starting out in the hobby" thanks to "Bill's years of detecting experience, plus top technology from the best known name in metal detecting."

But wait! There's more. The Bill Wyman Signature Metal Detector also has its own website, full of links to teach budding treasure hunters all about the hobby, as well as background information on the detector itself and even some behind-the-scenes glimpses of Wyman's own detecting activity. None of the links actually work, mind you, with the exception of the one for buying the detector, but that might just be because Wyman is too busy digging up all the "tools, coins, weapons and jewelry" that he's finding on Treasure Island U.K. with his Bill Wyman Signature Metal Detector.

Chances are you've personally witnessed someone else's metal-detecting efforts, and maybe even laughed at them. But you were out of line, man -- as Wyman told Goldmine, "Metal-detecting is not just for anoraks or eccentrics. It’s probably the best and the most enjoyable way of learning about our history. On any garden, country field, footpath, woodlands, beach or moor land you can find a huge variety of historical objects, all easily located with this high quality metal detector."

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