Join the fun and make a pledge for a good cause at Seven Ponds Nature Center's annual Bird-A-Thon on Saturday, May 12th.
For many years Seven Ponds has conducted a spring bird-a-thon in Lapeer County to help raise funds for the center’s conservation and education activities. Bird-a-thons have provided tens of thousands of dollars over the years and supported many worthwhile projects at the center.
What is a bird-a-thon? A bird-a-thon revolves around a team of birdwatchers who spend a day in the field trying to see as many bird species as they can. The fundraising part of the event comes from people making pledges to members of the bird-a-thon team. If someone makes a pledge of 25¢ per bird, for example, and the bird-a-thon team sees 100 different kinds of birds, the pledger would make a contribution of $25.00 to the nature center. Likewise, if a person pledges $1.00 per bird, and the team sees the same 100 species, the pledger would make a contribution of $100.00.
To make a bird-a-thon pledge simply write your name, address and the amount of your pledge on a piece of paper and mail it to the center or call your pledge in to the center at 810-796-3200. You may choose to make a per bird pledge (such as 25¢ per bird) or a fixed amount pledge (such as $25.00). It may help to know that the bird-a-thon team will probably see from 90 to 125 species of birds on the day of the count. Once the bird-a-thon is over, you will be sent a list of birds seen by the bird-a-thon team and a bill for the amount of your pledge.
For more information call 810-796-3200. Seven Ponds Nature Center is located at 3854 Crawford Road in Dryden.
Source: Seven Ponds Nature Center

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