Their right here in the neighborhood Blake's Farm in Armada where they started a apple orchard operation in 1946 and were one of the very first “Pick Your Own” orchards in Michigan. Early on Blake's added a cider mill that's grown over the years, with more than half a million guests making their way out for cider and donuts each year.
In 2013, they established Blake's Hard Cider Company that has become one the fastest-growing craft cider manufacturer in the U.S., and the largest in the Midwest.
Their latest creation is Rainbow Seeker the first of Blake's Kinder Cider Series and part of the proceeds will fund a $40,000 direct donation to advance civil rights and equality programs spearheaded by The Human Rights Campaign, America's largest civil rights organization.

"We'll produce 120,000 cans and we'll distribute those cans to 19 states," said Andrew Blake, owner and founder of Blake's Hard Cider. "We see it as 120,000 great opportunities to encourage people to be kind, support equality and simply be good to one another."

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