Blue Öyster Cult is coming to the neighborhood this Tuesday night (10/9) in concert at The Lexington Village Theater in Lexington.

Blue Öyster Cult helped pioneer heavy metal music. The band came on the scene with their debut album in 1972. With songs that are riff-heavy and head-banging while intelligently hook-laden, the band remains a staple among the heavy metal greats.

Like so many of the bands from the 1970s, Blue Öyster Cult built their following with extensive touring, the band’s commercial breakthrough came with a live album, “On Your Feet or on Your Knees” released in 1975. BOC  would capitalized on the success of its live album with the follow up collection “Agents of Fortune” in 1976.

A resurgence in the bands popularity happened in April of 2000 when one of most popular “Saturday Night Live” skits of all time hit TV screens nationwide. The iconic sketch on SNL known affectionately as “More Cowbell.” featuring Blue Öyster Cult's top 10 hit  “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper.”

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