Divorces are never pleasant, especially when you have to wrangle over who gets the money, the car, the house and ... that wad of Bob Dylan's hair. No, seriously. That's something Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach and his ex-wife recently fought over in court.

According to TMZ, Dan's split from Stephanie Gonis was finalized in Tennessee this week, and she made out pretty well, walking with $5 million, a newish car and one of the couple's houses.

Gonis is also taking with her an asset described in the divorce docs as "Bob Dylan Hair." Assuming that's literal and not an oddly named racehorse or something, that means the couple not only owned some of the music legend's hair, they actually cared enough about it to ask a court to decide who legally gets to keep it.

No word on how or when the odd memorabilia was obtained. But if Dylan ever wondered about that weird bald spot he woke up with one morning, we might now know where that hair turned up.

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