Evie Branan, the 79 year old Michigan woman whose first words after emerging from a coma that lasted five years were, "I want to go to a Bob Seger concert," got her wish and more last night (April 11) when she met the rock legend backstage.

"He squatted down and put his arms around me, and gave me a kiss,' Branan recounted to Detroit's WXYZ News. "I gave him a kiss. I gave him another kiss. Whew! I'm full of Seger kisses."

MLive.com reports Evie Branan cheered, threw her hands in the air and danced during Seger's concert Thursday night at the Palace of Auburn Hills. She also met Seger and his family, talked with crew and band members and received VIP treatment for the show. (You can see some great photos from Branan's big night at Mlive.com)

After receiving nationwide press coverage about her saga and after arriving at the concert in a stretched Chrysler limo, one would have been hard pressed not to think Evie was the main attraction for the evening. She called the night "the happiest I've been in a long time. I feel like a rock star."

But of course, the highlight of the night for Ms. Branan was when out of the blue she was approached by Seger himself. The Detroit hero introduced himself and then fulfilled another of Branan's wishes -- he gave her a big hug.

"I never thought I would ever see this day," Branan said while smiling so large her ears were getting wet. "Oh, man, it was a lot better than I thought it would be."

Seger and his family were just as impressed in meeting Evie. "Wow, wow...Thank you," Seger said to Branan after receiving smooches on both cheeks from his devoted fan. Bob's wife, Nita, and his son, Cole, also came to meet Branan. "It's amazing," Mrs. Seger said. "It's a thrill for us as much as it is for you, I'm sure." Bob even dedicated a song to Evie during his performance.

Branan left the concert hall a very happy and fulfilled lady. In her wake, however, she left a few musicians and an entire rock & roll nation even happier for her.

Lauren Justice, MLive