Heck yeah - Michigan's own Bob Seger will be appearing as his cartoon self this Sunday, March 28th, on an episode of 'The Simpsons'.

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According to The Detroit News, the episode is called 'Uncut Femmes'. From all accounts Marge Simpson will be involved in a jewel heist, and as for Bob Seger's role - I am not exactly sure. He can be seen the clip below talking with Homer Simpson and Police Chief Wiggum. I don't really care what the story line is - I just think it is so awesome that Seger is on the show.

Many years ago before getting into radio, I worked at a marina in Fenton. During my time there I sold Bob Seger a pontoon boat. I will never forget the day we delivered it to his house. Myself and a coworker met him at a launch ramp and I still can hear him say 'Maggie!' when I was getting out of the truck.

I spent that afternoon on the water with Bob Seger, his wife, and my fellow coworker Barry. While Barry was going over the boat with Mrs.Seger, I sat and talked with Mr. Seger.

I still can't believe I was ballsy enough to ask for a picture and for him to sign a couple albums. He did, very graciously. Afterward we went inside their house, where I was offered a pop. I still have the bottle.

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