I hear about it and see it everyday - local businesses offering new employees a signing bonus, or a bonus after 90 days of employment. That is all well and good - but what about the employees who have been loyal and have continued to work throughout the pandemic or came back once businesses were able reopen? I think they deserve a bonus too.

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I certainly realize that good help is hard to find. Some businesses can't even stay open on a daily basis due to lack of employees. I just don't think someone new should get spiffed a couple hundred bucks just for starting a new job. Am I wrong to think that?

I should also point out that maybe some employers have given bonuses to their loyal employees too. I certainly hope that is the case. I know I would be furious if I had been busting ass waiting tables, then a new person comes along and after working three months gets a fat bonus. That does not seem fair.

What are your thoughts? Do you work for an employer and or company that is giving new hires some kind of cash incentive? If so, were you offered any kind of bonus too?

There are a lot of places that need good people NOW. If you are unemployed and currently looking for work, get a job for the sake of getting a job and making your own money, not because you get a prize of some sort.

Let me be clear before anyone comes at me over this article - I am NOT against a bonus or an incentive to work, I just think it should include current employees too. Let me know what you think.

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