Just came across this video where these dudes are doing trick boomerang shots. It's amazing the control they have with what is called technically a 'aerodynamic throwstick'.
According to the United States Boomerang Association (yes there is such an organization) the boomerang has been around since the Stone Age. When you think of  boomerangs Australia comes to mind first and the the native Australians the Aborigines who used it as a hunting weapon. But it ends up the throwstick was being used around the world for hunting including here in America by the Hopi tribe who called it a rabbit stick and it would be thrown horizontally to kill or stun prey. Then somewhere along the line someone tried throwing it vertically and discovered it would return to the thrower and the fun begins.

This video comes from a group of guys who go by the name Dude Perfect as they say...5 best friends just kickin it. We Post funny pics & awesome vids.

Dude Perfect viaYouTube

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