I can't be the only one who feels as if my phone reads my mind. This past weekend I felt that dreaded tickle in my throat, you know the feeling that you are coming down with cold? I thought why not make a hot whiskey lemon drink instead of traditional cold medicine, and go on with my day.

Let me just tell you, ever since then, all I have seen on my Facebook feed is stories about bourbon being the adult medicine for the common cold and flu. Did my phone truly spy on me - or is this a common go to cure? I normally swear by tequila to kill anything (including memory), but this bourbon drink is quite good - and it worked for me.

I used Jim Beam, some water and a lemon. In the video above, Wild Turkey and honey are used. I am down with honey, I just did not have any at home. Have you tried this cold and or flu remedy before? Did it work for you? Feel free to share some other cold remedies with me.

Now go take a shot of whiskey, you can never be to safe. Here's to your health, cheers!


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