A late evening explosion had Genesee County residents taking to social media in search of answers.

The blast happened in the 3900 block of Hogarth Ave and was felt as far as Grand Blanc and even Fenton according to many Facebook posts. Residents in the area had windows blown out, and there were reports of debris falling as far as Miller Road. Many reported the explosion feeling like "an earthquake", and homeowners across Genesee County noted windows shaking.

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Pure Bliss Salon & Spa owner Melissa Withey, whose business is located on Hill Road & 23, commented that products on her salon shelves fell to the ground due to the building shaking so badly. Homeowner Matt Erway posted a video to his Facebook showing the explosion as it happened. He was able to catch it on his outdoor security camera.

The story is still unfolding, but as of right now 3 people are missing and two are hospitalized Search dogs are currently on the scene according to Mid-Michigan NOW. Many neighboring homes have suffered damage, and it is expected many families will be displaced due to the explosion. Those needing a place to stay as a result of the explosion can find shelter at the following:

Shelters are being set up at

  • St. Pius X Catholic Church, 3139 Hogarth Ave, Flint
  • Hand of God Ministries, 3408 Miller Rd, Flint
  • End Time Outreach, 1011 Hammond Ave, Flint

A bystander posted a video from the scene minutes after the explosion documenting the aftermath. The video, which has now gone viral, mentions that there is concern that one, or two, children may have been in the home at the time of the explosion. At this time that has not been confirmed.

Fire and law enforcement agencies were on the scene, and details are emerging by the hour. We will keep you updated as more information unfolds.

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