Details are still coming in about a school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. It happened this morning shortly after 9:40 at Sandy Hook Elementary School. A shooter was reported in the main office, and one victim has numerous gunshot wounds.

The Newton Bee reported that a police officer carried out a seriously wounded child. Another report claims that one shooter was reported dead. Some students were escorted away from the school by their teachers, but other students were still in the building at 10:30am after it was put on lock down.

Sandy Hook Elementary School is located is a residential, wooded neighborhood, and is composed of 39 teachers and about 650 students. Heavily armed police are searching the area with guns drawn. The superintendent says the entire district is on lock down as a precautionary measure. A press conference is scheduled for 1:00pm when we hope to get more details.

UPDATE: The death toll is now up to 27, 20 students, 10 adults and the shooter. Police are still trying to determine the shooter's motive. We do know that the heavily armed shooter, identified as 24-year old Ryan Lanza, was killed inside the school by police. One of the teachers killed was the mother of the shooter. Our hearts go out to everyone affected by this horrible tragedy..

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