It seems that life goes so fast sometimes that you're spinning out of control. That's why my mother-in-law suggested that this year instead of having ham for Easter like we have done every year, we should grill out instead.  As much as I love ham, I love to grill out, so I had no objections to the plan.

But rather than just doing hamburgers and hot dogs, I figured that we should go all out!  Go big or go home, right?  For the first time in my life, I grilled Shish Kabobs.  As nervous as I was about trying something new during a family gathering, they actually came out really well!  We still did an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids, but being that it was such a nice day, firing up the grill added a uniqueness to this year's Easter gathering.

Whether it involves a holiday or not, does your family have any non-traditional traditions?

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