Bruce Springsteen shared his vision of a bright future after the coronavirus pandemic, and revealed how the global emergency has affected his own outlook on life.

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Speaking on SiriusXM, where he hosted a show on the E Street Radio channel for the third time, the Boss admitted he's having a drink every afternoon – but said he feels “no shame” in working through his emotions.

“As hard as it is to believe right now, your children will go back to school,” Springsteen said (via “Churches will be open and full. You will once again hug and kiss family members at your gatherings. You will shout over the noise of a crowded bar to order a drink and speak to your friends. You will buy a hot dog at Yankee Stadium. You will walk through the streets of your hometown, free and easy. You may hold a complete stranger on a crowded dance floor. And 50,000 people will once again scream their heads off somewhere in New Jersey.”

He laughed at the observation of how important weather has become to him, and revealed that at 4PM every day, he makes a point of having “a shot and a beer” or “a little vodka and soda.” “I am on my way to shortly putting a new shine on this whole experience," he explained. "I take no shame in it, at this place and time, to looking into something that is gonna fuck me up.”

Reflecting that his world sometimes seems like “while we were waiting for the apocalypse, it had already happened,” Springsteen noted that “when this experience is over, I am gonna throw the wildest party you have ever seen – and you, my friends, are all invited.”

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