The next time you drink a Bud, you could be making a bud.

Budwesier has unveiled a new Buddy Cup, which allows people to become Facebook friends when they touch glasses as they knock back a cold one.

The glass, created by Budwesier Brazil, features a built-in chip synched with Facebook.

"A computer chip with what Budweiser calls a 'bump sensor' is integrated into the bottom of the cup. Also on the bottom of the cup is a QR code, which works with a Budweiser app to link the cup to your Facebook account. When two people clink glasses, the friend request is sent from one to another.”

It’s just the latest food and beverage-related item to go high-tech, joining the fork that warns people when they’re eating too fast and spoons that come with mp3 players.

That’s good and all, but we’re waiting for pots with an actual Twitter handle. Then, we'll be impressed.

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