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Big Boy restaurants are saying goodbye to their iconic mascot and ushering in a new one. A female character whose name is 'Dolly' will be the new face of the chain, at least for the time being.

We don't, however, expect to see anyone toppling Big Boy statues in front of restaurants in order to erect effigies of the softer, feminine mascot.

You remember Dolly, right?

Let me jog your memory a bit. Dolly has always been a part of Big Boy culture. She's been the Big Boy's sidekick since the 1950s, playing a secondary role in the chain's 'Adventures of the Big Boy' comic book series and appearing on the restaurant's kids menu. (Don't judge. This obviously was a big part of my childhood.)

The changing of the guard is actually a promotion aimed at introducing a new, Popeyes-esque chicken sandwich. The Dolly Chicken sandwich, according to the restaurant's website is a "hand-breaded chicken sandwich with pickles, signature Big Boy® tartar sauce, on a toasted brioche bun."

Big Boy's Director of training, Frank Alessandrini tells WOOD-TV they're trying to give people a new reason to visit the chain.

“We are rolling out a brand-new chicken sandwich. We’re calling it the best cluckin’ chicken sandwich around," Alessandrini said.  “We decided that she’s going to be the star of this sandwich as Big Boy was the star of his double-decker sandwich.”

Big Boy has restaurants locally in Grand Blanc, Clio, Owosso, Davison, and Imlay City. (You can find discount certificates to the Davison and Imlay City Big Boy locations on our Seize the Deal website.)


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