Cadillac Michigan is probably the last place you'd expect a Hip Hop virus to be sliding around, but that's exactly what happened.

Caberfae Peaks released their Covid guidelines video shortly after opening for the winter, and included their rapping virus too. The virus makes his way around the slopes trying to go viral. The video shows how the safety precautions that Caberfae put in place keep the virus from actually getting to any of the skiers.

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Caberfae did release a much more serious Covid policy video earlier in the season, but it's not as catchy as the hip hop covid strain.

Ski resorts all around Michigan have found ways to be open and operate this year. We are all still hunting for things to do with all of the restrictions, so they are actually doing pretty good as far as skiing is concerned. The problem areas come in the form of food and drinks at the hill. Most of the time a day of skiing includes an hour warming up in the lodge with something to eat or drink. Under the current conditions, that isn't an option at most places.

I hope that the vaccine reaches enough people to help keep our new case count down low enough that these places can get back to business as usual. In the meantime, salute to the creative people at Caberfae for making us smile through all of this.


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