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Ladies love chocolate, but it's a guilty pleasure and recent market research shows a 6.6% decline in chocolate sales in the last year. Feelings of guilt and concerns about weight gain may be two of the reasons for the slump in the market. Kraft, the parent company of Cadbury is hoping to tempt female chocoholics  with a 'for ladies only' candy bar.



The name of the new Cadbury bar is Crispello. It is the first new candy offering from Cadbury since the 1990's and is a mix of chocolate and wafers. All of the marketing is calculated to attract a female demographic. The packaging is purple and the tagline reads "a lighter way to enjoy chocolate" and "a little treat for you". The new Crispello contains 165 calories and comes in three resealable packages, which should also appeal to the ladies.

Have you ever given up chocolate to lose weight? How long did you make it without chocolate?



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